"Working with Ari has been an amazing experience. Unlike so many coaches, he approaches his coaching work from the perspective of wanting to learn from ME, even as he is teaching me. By that I mean he is really listening to what I'm saying with my words and actions in a way that 99% of people do not do. He voices back to me what he hears in a way that makes me confident I'm being correctly understood. He is transparent about his own journey of ups and downs in applying the principles he espouses to his own life. In that way, I feel like he's a partner in addition to a coach--I can see him learning alongside me.

"Ari is incredibly flexible, which I really value in a coach. In the course of one conversation, we will probably laugh out loud, experience moments of respectful silence for a particularly daunting challenge I'm experiencing, and discuss the merits of spreadsheets versus Trello. Ari is both old-school and cutting-edge...he's "old-school" in the way that he understands the fundamental necessity of real listening, and he's cutting edge in the way that he stays in touch with what's going on in the world today without withdrawing to a secluded lifestyle.

"More concretely, Ari has supported me in the process of founding the Port Cafe in many ways. First, he provided a philosophical framework that allowed me to see for the first time how a shared meal could be the medium in which a diverse group of people could build a foundation for powerful, cross-class and multiracial community. Then, Ari helped me to identify the local people and organizations who might be resources to support the Port Cafe's creation and operation. Once we were off the ground, Ari consistently provided coaching that allowed me to see the big picture when I was lost in the weeds of the day-to-day planning of our cafe. He both pushed me to actively take leadership in the cafe but also respected my desire to make the Port Cafe an opportunity to build all kinds of leadership amongst all participants. He facilitated two retreats in which the Port Cafe folks created our mission statement and board, including roles and responsibilities. He has provided our team with a template for a business plan which will help us to achieve our dream of making the Port Cafe into a brick-and-mortar cafe one day. In short, Ari has been supportive at every step of the way in both mundane details and high-level philosophical approaches to our work."

- Abe Lateiner, Port Cafe, Cambridge, MA

On the Community of Practice: “By sharing our work with each other, it really pushes us to keep our project moving forward. Visioning has been the strongest component of Unity Tables facilitation, and the ability to have a shared vision with other members is what allows us to see the bigger picture of our work.”

- Jorrel Batac, Soul Mind Vibe, Orange County, CA

"I love that you are doing this with mindfulness and community in mind. Thank you."

- Anonymous Webinar Participant

"I think what I experienced in the conference call was exactly what I needed. I like the format and wouldn't change anything. I would say that most of us who are opening a cafe are novices. Having your expertise helps tremendously. I really appreciate the extra time you spent with [us]. The conference call was definitely on the up part of the roller coaster ride that we are riding!"

- Patti Parker, Peace Cafe