Pilot Webinar

Unity Tables Business Plan Webinar

2-part Series
Nov 18: 3-5pm EST
Dec 16: 3-5pm EST

Leading a Pay-What-You-Can Community Cafe?
Get Free Support to Create Your Business Plan!

Business planning will help you: 
Apply for grants
Approach major donors
Solidify partnerships
Identify meeting agendas
Think through next steps
Prepare content for your website
Coordinate your team

  • Led by Ari Pliskin, founder of Stone Soup Cafe and Unity Tables
  • Connect with cafe leaders around the nation
  • Receive business plan template
  • Get overview of business plan
  • Q&A + Discussion

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Please check whichever applies to you. Please note that the two parts of the webinar are meant to go together and that we will prioritize registering those who can attend both. If you can only attend one, you will be placed on the waiting list.